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BER Analysis of Digital Modulation Schemes for OFDM System

Pragati Pradhan, Abhishek Lakshkar


The growth in the field of communication and the requirement of high-speed and secured data transmission are increasing day by day. Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing modulation technique is a new technique which supports high-speed data transmission. It is a method of signal modulation that divides a high data rate modulating stream into several slowly modulated narrowband close-spaced subcarriers, and in this way, it is less sensitive to frequency-selective fading. The present paper analyses bit error rate of different digital modulation techniques with the help of MATLAB, i.e. amplitude-shift keying, quadrature phase-shift keying, binary phase-shift keying, differential phase-shift keying in two different channels, i.e. additive white Gaussian noise channel and Rayleigh channel. The simulated results are shown. From the analysis of modulation techniques, the system might use more appropriate modulation techniques to ensemble the channel quality and thus can deliver the optimum and efficient system parameters.

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