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Aditya Mahajan, Tejaswin Patel, Rani S Bhandari, Supriya Rajankar


Optical Networks are limited and often hard to configure. One method to overcoming these limitations is to use optical network simulators for extending networks. We modifying the simulation software and the best design of an optical network using one of the best simulations which are called Optisystem software. In this paper, we created the Wavelength Division Multiplexer (WDM) internal circuit in the Optisystem simulator for knowing how it works individually and after that, we created a ring topology using Add-Drop Wave Division Multiplexer as a node of ring topology. How the transmission and reception are done in ring topology in response times, type of signal coding, and spectral width of the light source are affected by the performance of the optical fiber communication such as cable length, data rate, etc

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